Install Home Assistant from a live USB stick

23 March 2023
How to actually install HASS from live Ubuntu to storage on the device itself, since the way the docs provide might not work.

Beating the corruption in Rise to Ruins

28 December 2020
Unlike many other games, Rise to Ruins doesn't tell you that much about it's goal. It's pretty simple you might think, you just have to survive, right? Is there a way to actually win this game and beat the Corruption?

Laravel Scout index operations only when updating searchable fields.

3 April 2020
When updating a model, which is made searchable using Laravel Scout, it will dispatch a MakeSearchable job. The problem here is that it also does that when a field that isn't even searchable was updated. Let's fix that!

Using Laravel Passport JWT with multiple user providers

17 July 2019
Laravel Passport doesn't support having multiple user providers. By using custom claims in JWT we can pretty easily add support for that.

Vuex store with normalized data using a Laravel backend

1 February 2019
State management in Vue can be done using just an object as a store, but when you're building a bigger application Vuex is a more mature solution. Using normalized data will make it a lot easier. I'll try and give you a sense of how to get started.

Creating a simple blog with Laravel

21 January 2019
Blogging is something I really wanted to do for a long while, but never really got to it. What better way to start blogging by showing how I put this simple blog together.
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